Oculus rift asks for interactive music

Our work for the Oculus Rift project of the Breda University of Applied Sciences is done! We composed 30 interactive compositions you hear and can react to while seeing a virtual reality exposition of stunning Japanese paintings. Interactive music asks for sounds that...
New music for Ruben Smit

New music for Ruben Smit

Ruben Smit is making a new tv series about him travelling through the river Rhine landscape in a canoe, from the border with Germany to the sea. In his ‘boat movie’ in you will experience Dutch nature like you have never seen it before. Flood plains, woodlands,...

Ready for research

With Breda University of Applied Sciences we place our first footsteps in the brave new world of research and gaming. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency granted us funds to investigate the relationship between the oculus rift (intriguing 3D-glasses) and music.

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